Maxence Grangeot is an enthusiastic architect. His personal interests question the future of contemporary societies, notably through technology, energy, consumption and affordable architecture. He is determined to bring current public habits and groundbreaking industries to their ultimate potential.
Evolving as a freelance architect, Maxence worked at OMA in Rotterdam and in various Japanese offices including Junya Ishigami, Akihisa Hirata in Tokyo, and recently Sou Fujimoto in Paris. He studied in Switzerland at EPFL and in Canada at UdeM, and took active positions in the laboratories of ALICE, CNPA and the SUBlab lead by Dominique Perrault.


2018-2019 : Sou Fujimoto Atelier – Paris, France

2017-2018 : OMA [Office for Metropolitan Architecture] – Rotterdam, Netherlands

2017+2018 : Junya Ishigami + Associates – Tokyo, Japan

2017 : Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office – Tokyo, Japan

2015-2016 : EPFL CNPA – Laboratory for Digital Culture of Architectural Project – Lausanne, Switzerland


EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

UdeM – Université de Montréal